Almkaldh general trading company

almkaldh company is a company working in the field of Palestinian agricultural pesticides and chemical fertilizers and all inputs of agricultural production in line with the General environment and the ocean around.
almkaldh company was founded in 1985, which started to work in very difficult circumstances Of movement and provide farmers and traders need agricultural requirements with confidence and honesty and I made sure to provide high quality product and competitive prices to the challenges faced by the company.
the company has established its headquarters in Tulkarem in 1999 to be closer to the reality of Palestinian farms and engaged under the umbrella of laws Imposed by the Ministry of agriculture, he was one of the first companies that contributed the first ground sterilization alternatives like plastic and other pesticides sterilization.

This company relies on its credibility with a large network of agro-dealers in Palestine spread all provinces homeland And cooperate with them with confidence and honesty.

and your company a professional group of agricultural engineers specializing in agricultural extension in all areas based on the experiences provided by the company by virtue of dealing with a large number of pesticides companies.

almkaldh company is proud As a national company in support of the national economy and advanced agricultural technology and carrier operating on the territory of this beloved nation.
most agencies operating company almkaldh: Akai ginigar acts of Agency, plastics, drip irrigation and gonder, full company for all types of strings, company Dshanim for fertilizers, hivakimkalm, company, company agrika Egan’s company, mkhtshim, company, Tarsis, company agro seedtechnology Corporation, gadot, Remy, Luxembourg Corporation, fmc Corporation, agrokoimks Corporation, BUE, Tabor’s company, du kidim of organic pesticides