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 is a new generation of fertilizer with an exclusive formulation. Bombardier Sugar increases the synthesis of sacarose. Through this we obtain a direct effect in ripening and increasing in Degrees Brix (ºBx). As a consequence, the size and quality of fruit is improved as well as the sugar content of the fruit. The product is based on fundamentals and benefits of Aminoacids, Fulvic Acids, Organic Matter and polysaccharides inside the fruit.



To the plant:

High plant stimulation

Increases the productivity and quality of the crop

Promotes good plant growth

Improves the resistance to stress conditions

Increases fruit size and quality

Better rooting system.

Better metabolic and enzymatic activity.

Higher cellular division.

To the soil:

Improves the soil structure.

Improves the soil aeration.

Better nutrients absorption.

Improves the humidity retention.

Less use of other fertilizer

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